Wykład odbędzie się, dnia 05.12.2019r. w godzinach 14:15 - 16:00 w sali 113, Gmach Fizyki PW.

Wykład będzie w języku angielskim.

Wykład poprowadzi:  dr Holger Tietze-Jaensch

Tytuł wykładu:
"The European Spallation Source ESS, Scientific potential, current state-of-the art, considerations of safety and waste management."

Streszczenie wykładu:

17 European countries, incl. Poland, have signed up together to build the world's most powerful spallation neutron source in southern Sweden for the benefit of cutting edge scientific research on condensed matter with intense pulse of neutrons. This lecture shall briefly introduce the potential for science and provide a technical overview of the ESS design of it major components: accelerator, target system, moderator, instrument suite. Also, an overview of the safety assessment methods and analysis of radio-nuclides spectrum generated from the various areas and components. The current state-of-the-art will be reported and the next steps forward explained. This lecture addresses students of physics and science and academics likewise.